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Welcome to Caribou Falls Lodge

Drive In Fishing, Remote as Fly-In

Why Choose Caribou Falls Lodge?

In a world too-often driven by technology and traffic, Caribou Falls Lodge exists as a retreat from the rigors of everyday life, a remedy for the chaos that we reckon with on a daily basis. Here, Pike take the place of paperwork, Walleye help you escape your own four walls, Bass lighten any burdens you bring and Muskie mandate a marriage of focus and relaxation. 



Sure, you may already know that Caribou Falls Lodge offers some of the very best Canadian fishing at a price that may surprise you, but did you know that you can fish for Walleye, Pike, Muskie, Perch, Bass, Whitefish and even Trout, all on your Caribou Falls Lodge adventure?


Every year from May 1st through June 15th and August 15th through September 30th, our 200 acres of Bear Management Area await you and your hunting expedition. We are proud to have some of the best black bear hunting territory in Northwestern Ontario, and boast a 85% success rate over the past decade.